LeatherLink Services - Onsite Applications

LeatherLink Certified Professionals for success Service Levels provided by LeatherLink
Gap Analysis
If the customer decides to go with LeatherLink On-site ERP for their operations, BSG LeatherLink will undertake a Gap Analysis exercise study. Study is done with a mock installation of basic software. Data Entry Screens, Printed Documents, Control Reports and Management Information Sysem (MIS) Reports are generated from the system and compared to existing formats used by the client.
Software Installation
After development work, software is installed at client site in a dedicated server running Linux, PostgreSQL, Apache/PHP. Database schema and source code are loaded into the system and necessary security and access controls are set up in the server.
User Training and On-site support
Post installation, our Customer care team trains the employees being nominated by the customer. FireFox browser is installed in user Desktops and access to the server is configured. Training to collect and enter data, to take document printouts and to generate reports are provided.
Support Services
After real time implementation sign off, continuous technical and analytical support is provided on-site or through e-mail & telephone.

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